“I will solve your problem in 1 consultation.”

It would be a great marketing move that would bring me a sea of ​​new customers looking for easy ways or miracles. Only I do not like to work with such clients, because they do not really want to take responsibility for their lives. And I do not work differently.

I have no way to offer you a miracle.

– Are you new here? Now I will tell you everything! Sit in a chair and close your eyes.

Oh, what do you have here? A little wound on your arm? Is that why you came? Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Do you think he is against you? And this is no accident. I understand. I understand.

Haven’t you noticed such mornings before? Yeah, there were, but you somehow didn’t pay attention to it. I see a lot of scars here. Ah, is that you yourself? Interesting.

And what did you bring me here in your medical psychological card? Here is your experience, here is your personality, character, trauma, patterns and patterns of behavior.

Here are the memories of loved ones and not so many people in different memory tabs.

– Oh, and what is written here, I can not read – someone filled everything with coffee. Ah, this is your subconscious. What is so tightly sealed here? It is difficult to disconnect. What do you say? Better not to touch? Okay, okay, maybe we’ll try next time you and I have more strength.


And when someone comes to therapy – in the morning, thinking that this is a request – he can be wrong. Because it is more likely the result of a thousand wrong actions and wounds inflicted on oneself than the cause. From the subconscious we sometimes extract something very painful and unpleasant.

-Did you forget about it? See how it happens. Does it hurt? I know, I know. But it will pass soon. Soon everything will pass.

Memories are followed by memories, bodily reactions by experiences, flashbacks from childhood by adult actions. You come with one and go out with another, perhaps even more laid out than put together.

Can we recompile it in one session?

No, if you are new here.

More experienced ones really come up with a specific query that is handled within one session.

But the history of the individual is rewritten longer.

And it is a pity that in therapy there are no psychological medical cards – where it would be possible to read simply preliminary analyzes, to compare level of happiness in blood and to appoint treatment. But there is something else – the contact of man with man, consciousness with consciousness, soul with soul. And it’s hard to build in one session, because that’s just not how trust is born.

And I’m not talking about a very long therapy, but even 5-10 sessions are better than 1, because they allow you to look at yourself globally, not just in the morning on your arm.

Because it could be taped, but you still came here?

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